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The Day Ahead: Thursday, Nov 29

By on 11.29.12 | 8:23AM

Egypt speeds new Constitution amid Morsy Protests (CNN News)

Inside the Talks: Fiscal Framework emerges (Politico)

T-Ball War in the Middle East (National Review)

British Press needs new Regulator, Report says (NY Times)

Powerball Officials: Record Jackpot has been won (CBS News)

Hostess Executive Bonuses: Twinkie-Maker to seek Approval for $1.8 Million in Bonuses during Liquidation (Huffington Post)

Justice asks for more on Solyndra (Washington Times)

Syria Rebels kill ruling Party Official with Bomb (ABC News)

US Growth Rate revised up to 2.7% (BBC News)

Google-FTC Settlement may be in the works (Washington Post)

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