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A Question The Colonel Must Address

By on 11.20.12 | 10:23AM

Conservative South Florida Congressman Allen West has conceded defeat in his extremely close race against 29-year-old construction legacy Patrick Murphy. Lieutenant Colonel West has alleged that there was something fishy about the vote in St. Lucie County, but was not able to establish this. So for now he will not, excuse the expression, soldier on.

In his single term in Congress, West was a flamboyant, articulate, and unapologetic advocate of conservative principles, including American strength abroad. But if he is serious about a political career, he needs to get serious about his address. He now hangs his campaign hat (excuse the pun) in Palm Beach Gardens. But South-East Florida is no place for a red meat conservative to run for office. West could represent some congressional district and his country very well. Just not in Baja New Jersey.

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