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The Day Ahead: Thursday, Nov. 15

By on 11.15.12 | 9:55AM

Obama to visit Storm-Ravaged Areas in New York (NY Times)

Source: BP to pay Record Fine in Gulf Oil Spill; 2 to face Manslaughter Charges (CBS News)

Three Israelis killed by Gaza Rocket as Violence escalates (BBC News)

ANALYSIS: Republicans return Romney's Parting Gift (ABC News)

Kyra Phillips speaks to David Petraeus about Affair (Huffington Post)

China's Communists pick Country's new Leader (MSNBC)

Why Nancy Pelosi stayed (Politico)

Clouds on Horizon for Tobacco Farmers (CNN News)

Panetta orders Pentagon Investigation of legal, ethical Issues among Military Leaders (Washington Post)

Europe Workers clash with Cops in Anti-Austerity protests (Washington Times)

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