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The Day Ahead: Friday, Nov. 9

By on 11.9.12 | 7:11AM

The Billion Ddollar Election: Who got paid? (CNN News)

Missteps by Rebels wrode their Support among Syrians (NY Times)

Can Rubio save GOP on Immigration? (Politico)

Election behind him, Obama to talk "Fiscal Cliff" (CBS News)

UK to end financial Aid to India by 2015 (BBC News)

Iranian Fighter Jets fire on US Predator Drone (ABC News)

Election over, Obama Inbox overflows with World Crises (MSNBC)

Jack Lew, Tim Geithner's possible Replacement as Treasury Secretary, could disappoint (Huffington Post)

Why Russians think U.S. Elections are unfair (Washington Post)

China sends Vessels to intimidate Japan near disputed Isles (Washington Times)

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