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Those White Boys Are At It Again

By on 11.1.12 | 3:59PM

I'm not entirely sure how I got on the Emily's List email list. But I'm glad I did because it helps keep me current with leftist phantasms.

This morning's blast, a febrile rant by Donna Brazile, was particularly amusing. "I'll shout it from the rooftops if I have to: voter suppression is real, and with just five days left it could cost us this election." (Mz. Brazile is no longer a young woman and hardly svelte. I should advise her to stay clear of rooftops.)

The suppressors, TAS readers will not be surprised to learn, are those mean old Republicans. The same folks Brazile was referring to when she was campaign manager for Gore/Lieberman's 2000 run for the White House. The quote then was: "We're not going to let the white boys win."

Of course "the white boys" were her Republican opposition. When she was justly braced for the transparent racism of this comment, Brazile went through all manner of forensic calisthenics to claim that she wasn't being racist. She said she wasn't taking about any specific group, just a "white boy" attitude that exists in both parties about black women in politics. It's far from clear how this is supposed to make her remarks less racist, or even more coherent, as black women play important roles in both parties.

Brazile's old racist gaffes aside, her new charge is serious. But the evidence for it is frivolous. In fact, the charge is baseless, and Brazile knows it is. But this doesn't stop her from prompting the gullible to send money to Emily's List to stop Republicans from tying Democrats to the railroad tracks on Election Day. Silly stiff. But 'tis the season.

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