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Lady Liberty Still Standing

By on 10.29.12 | 4:44PM

Not long ago the Fox standup was in New York Harbor with the outline of the Statue of Liberty barely visible in the background. It jogged my memory of the bright spring morning in 1966 when the destroyer I was on, due for a weekend in the Big Apple, steamed passed Lady Liberty. I had slipped out of the ship's office where I worked to the bridge for the occasion. It was a grand and inspiring view. And my shipmates, even the older lifers with all the hash marks and tattoos, prone to salty slouches, were standing taller than usual. There was obvious pride of country on the part of a usually sardonic bunch, and they didn't mind who knew it. 

I hope and trust Lady Liberty will survive whatever Sandy throws at her. I'm optimistic because she has already survived the current administration's assaults on liberty.

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