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Obama’s Priorities

By on 10.29.12 | 12:24AM

So let's get this straight: President Obama has canceled campaign events, including in my home state of Colorado, to "monitor" Hurricane Sandy.

To be sure, Sandy is a monster and has the potential to cause serious damage and potentially loss of life. And, I am most grateful that Obama will stay away from Colorado where his primary functions are speaking to naive college students and fouling traffic.

But Sandy is not a conscious creature, not a terrorist, not something that the federal government can help by, for example, using an armed drone to eliminate potential further harm to American life and property.

And yet, when there was just such a situation, Obama went to Las Vegas.

And now we're supposed to believe he's oh-so-concerned?

Color me cynical: In my view it must be that he didn't expect to raise very much money in Colorado.

I'm not saying Obama is wrong to cancel campaign events. I'm saying that he was very wrong to go to Vegas right after Americans were murdered...and right after his administration appears to have done absolutely nothing to try to save them.

Hurricane Sandy reminds Americans of Obama's real priorities and how he behaved when a true Commander in Chief was needed. Instead we see someone just looking to declare states of emergency, yet again trying to buy people's votes with other people's money, and making only the easiest decisions.

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