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What Country is This?

By on 10.26.12 | 10:44PM

Take a guess what words fill in the blanks (different words for each of the two blanks) in this news story from Friday:

As the sun burned in the soft blue sky, thousands of Muslims poured into ___________ early Friday and filled the morning with the sounds of prayer as they celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar.

"Eid Mubarak," men and women said in greeting, wishing blessings for the day. Youngsters skipped school, elders from across __________ glowed with the spirit of the season - in culmination of the annual pilgrimage, called Hajj, a tribute to Prophet Abraham's life and legacy.

OK, let's make it multiple choice:

1) Angel Stadium, Southern California

2) Tahrir Square, Cairo

3) Wembley Stadium, London

4) Melbourne Cricket Grounds, south-eastern Australia

5) Roland Garros Stadiium, Paris

Read the story and find out. Am I wrong to feel concerned?

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