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Obama Dodges Reporter’s Hard Questions

By on 10.26.12 | 10:05PM

​H/T Craig Silverman

Congratulations and thanks to Denver's 9News reporter Kyle Clark, who asked President Barack Obama the hardest questions I've ever heard him asked.

Kyle Clark's first question to Obama: "Were the Americans under attack at the consulate in Benghazi Libya denied requests for help during that attack? And is it fair to tell Americans that what happened is under investigation and we'll all find out after the election?"

Seriously, why don't more reporters have both the courage and the decency to ask the questions that need to be asked. Clark didn't stop there, asking more hard questions which clearly had Obama, so used to sycophants, wondering how he ever got booked on a news channel with a real reporter.

Obama's answers regarding Benghazi were a complete dodge of the most important questions he's ever been asked.

His answers regarding Abound Solar (another hard-hitting question) were more leftist utopian platitudes about "wind, solar, and biomass." And his answer about why he called Romney a "bullshitter" was, ironically enough, made of a certain type of rhetorical animal refuse.

Link here, video below:

Again, I say thanks and congratulations to Kyle Clark.

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