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More on Workers Hurt by Obama

By on 10.26.12 | 2:42PM

Yesterday I blogged about all the workers hurt by the Obama auto bailout. Really important stuff (not my writing; all the links to the stories within). There's a lot more where that came from. Consider some reporting from the irreplaceable Mark Tapscott at the Washington Examiner.

As in here:

"Treasury was clearly in the center of the decision to terminate the pensions of Delphi's salaried workers," Camp said today. "Instead of selectively releasing some documents and withholding others, Treasury should release all documents without further delay and give these hardworking Americans answers as to why Treasury believed they were not entitled to their full pensions. I have serious concerns about this Administration picking winners and losers in Delphi's bankruptcy."

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (wish him health, by the way; he's battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma) has more on it here.

Also, members of the president's auto bailout task force have been uncooperative.

And then there's this:

Things became a bit dramatic when Turner confronted Feldman with an email in which Feldman was described as saying he was convinced that GM would "rubber stamp" the Obama administration's wishes on the Delphi deal. Feldman looked absolutely panicked when Turner read him a second email in which he was said to have discussed the Delphi deal with White House officials.

Meanwhile, it's worth noting that Ford declined bailout assistance and did just fine -- so how can Obama claim taht only the bailout could have "saved the automobile industry"?

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