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The Day Ahead: Thursday, October 25

By on 10.25.12 | 9:28AM

A CIA Veteran transforms U.S. counterterrorism Policy (Washington Post)

Reading God’s Will in Indiana (National Review)

Syria Cease-Fire: Could it really happen? (CNN News)

GOP on Attack over new Benghazi Emails (Washington Times)

Crucial Subset: female Voters still deciding (NY Times)

Obama rebukes Richard Mourdock for Rape Remarks on ‘Tonight Show’ (ABC News)

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for Pesident (CBS News)

How Mitt Romney would govern (Politico)

Credit Suisse Earnings Q3 2012: Bank plans more than $1 Billion in Cost Cuts (Huffington Post)

Sandy hits Cuba as Category two Hurricane (BBC News)

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