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Well, At Least The French Still Love Obama

By on 10.23.12 | 3:49PM

President Obama can take some measure of comfort that he is still beloved outside the United States. (H/T Charles C.W. Cooke at NRO).

Obama is especially beloved in France where 72% favor his re-election. So I guess the two Americans the French most admire are Obama and Jerry Lewis. It does seem fitting that the French would admire a couple of clowns.

But even in France, Obama's standing his diminished. Back in June, a Pew Center Research survey concluded that 92% of the French wanted him re-elected.

Yet I wonder how many strolling along the Champs-Elysées are aware that Romney's French is better than Obama's.

Well, I guess the French will find out in a couple of weeks.


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