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Mark Levin: Doesn’t Obama Use Binders?

By on 10.18.12 | 3:05PM

Here's a link to Mark Levin's Facebook page, where he makes an excellent point about the Romney binder issue.  

But I'm going to paste this in as written. The office Mark speaks of was right down the hall from my own, and I knew exactly what these folks did. How else could you possibly staff any administration if you didn't do exactly what Mark says here? The only difference today would be that a lot more would be computerized with technology that simply didn't exist in the Reagan era. But the organizing principle? Of course it happens like this.

Here's Mark:


by Mark Levin on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 2:23pm ·

Folks, I was an Associate Director of Presidential Personnel for a little over a year in the Reagan administration. We would gather resumes of individuals interested in non-career positions throughout the administration, computerize the information, and make the names available throughout the government. We also solicited resumes from prominent individuals who we wanted to recruit for positions in the administration and process them as well.

Most often, when President Reagan wanted to fill a senior administration position, including cabinet and sub-cabinet positions, top agency posts, and judicial positions, we would put together a binder filled with qualified candidates, as well as recommendations, from which the president would select a candidate.

So, I have a question: how, exactly, did and does Obama decide who to appoint to over 3,000 non-career positions in his administration, including his senior positions? How does his Office of Presidential Personnel recruit candidates? How does it process and collate resumes and present options to the president for selecting candidates for top posts? And if President Obama is not presented with a binder of qualified candidates, exactly how does he make his decisions?

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