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A Non-Smoking Gunsmoke

By on 10.17.12 | 5:45PM

Frank Schell is right about what a dreary business the James Bond series could be had it been initiated in today's politically correct Hollywood. I'm glad we didn't have to see Sean Connery as 007 telling his latest scantilly-dresed honey that he would get back to her right after he finished answering his emails and making the monthly payment on his Aston Martin hybrid.

Imagine how differently other old-time favorites would be done under our current sensitive, environmentally-conscious, multi-cultural, androgynous sensibility. A friend recently reminded me of Gunsmoke, a pre-political correctness favorite of mine and many others. If that one was made this year, Matt Dillon would be a Civil War veteran dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. He would be ambivalent about the violence common to the frontier. He would still shoot bad guys, but he would brood about it. He would have gotten into Kitty's kit in episode one (episode two, latest) and Chester would be gay. Doc would be going to AA meetings.

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