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By on 10.16.12 | 9:08PM

I just received a large campaign piece bearing the return address of the Florida Democratic Party in Tallahassee. Under a photo of a well-dressed but pensive-looking, 30-something woman wringing her hands it shouts that "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's Ideas on Women’s Health Are Shocking and Dangerous." I gather this woman is agonizing over how she will ever afford birth control pills if the government doesn’t buy them for her.

On the back there’s an elaboration of said extreme views. We learn that Romney “Supported a Law That Could Have Banned Birth Control.” (No mention of what law that was -- or where, or when.) He also, we learn, "Backed a Proposal Outlawing All Abortions."

Paul Ryan didn't escape the Florida Democrats' educational exercise. It seems the Republicans earnest young VP candidate "Supported Parental Rights for Rapists."

These are important things to know about these two candidates. But we can wonder why the Democrats didn't also mention that Romney has infants and toadstools for breakfast and drinks the blood of flies. Did Florida Democrats just forget these things, or did they hold back because liberals are always concerned to keep things civil?       

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