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The Likable Arlen Specter

By on 10.14.12 | 1:57PM

Long-time Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter died today. Late in his career he tormented conservatives, and his political career ended pathetically and badly. (Jim Antle wrote about him for us earlier this year.) Yet who will ever forget the prosecutorial job he did on Anita Hill during the Thomas hearings? On June 15, 2006, I believe it was, he was our guest at our monthly Saturday Evening Club gathering. He proudly sported a summery seersucker suit, and couldn't have been more engaging or even conservative-sounding. He got along splendidly with Grover Norquist, though what I remember most is his mentioning how it was that he, the son of a junk trader in Kansas, ended up in Pennsylvania. It was because his sister had enrolled at Temple University, and so he moved to Philadelphia with her as her chaperone. How could anyone dislike someone so old-school?

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