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Big Win for the Continent

By on 10.12.12 | 4:40PM

I couldn’t agree more with Aaron. The Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to award the Peace Prize to the European Union (EU) is preposterous.

Don’t get me wrong. The EU has a noble and peaceful legacy. Established in 1951, the supranational European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was initiated to adminster the elemental fuels of warfare. The founding member-states – Belgium, West Germany, Luxemborg, France, Italy and the Netherlands – were tasked with the normative association of national partnership and the promotion of a liberal (in the classical sense), democratic and capitalist Pan Europa. Ages before the Maastricht Treaty formally established the EU in 1993, this unique, evolving intergovernmental community stood in opposition to centuries of continental warfare and the specter of Stalinism.

Since that time, the EU has evolved into a calcified confederacy of bureaucratic elites, who have “wreaked havoc” on global financial markets while “foisting” ill-conceived austerity measures on states that were never solvent to begin with. By 2010, the EU had failed to contain a debt crisis that consumed Greece, Portugal and Spain. Sovereign debt bled into junk status while deteriorating credit ratings collapsed alongside the Euro value.

Of course, when the EU wasn’t busy sinking the westernmost penisula of Eurasia into a crippling recession, member states found time to campaign on four continents. And here I thought President Obama’s Nobel selection was shockingly offensive.

But I digress...congratuations to Germany for not invading France for over 70 years!

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