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Obama: I Was “Just Too Polite” with Romney

By on 10.10.12 | 5:02PM

President Obama just can't let that bad debate go.

During a radio interview this morning, Obama attributed his subpar performance to being "too polite" with Mitt Romney.

President Obama can be accused of being many things. Being too polite isn't one of them. If looking down at your shoes and appearing otherwise irritable is Obama's idea of being polite then I don't think he's going to help himself by being angry. While I suspect he won't adopt a southern accent, demagoguery does not become him whatever his dialect.

Clearly Obama just doesn't get it. He didn't lose the debate on account of being too polite. He lost because he had no energy, could not defend his record in office and, as I argued yesterday, just wasn't intelligent enough to be in the same room with Romney.

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