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Mitt for President?

By on 2.26.06 | 8:48AM

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning. Here are the highlights:

-Speaking about the new prescription drug benefit: "We need to find a way to reduce the entitlement burden."

When the Massachusetts governor is more fiscally conservative than our Republican president, things are seriously wrong at the top.

-Romney's explanation of his evolving abortion positions was fairly weak. Though unwilling to be pinned down, he suggested that he concluded that human life begins at conception while researching the embryonic stem cell issue. Props to him that he now recognizes that fact. But his statement that he believes abortion belongs in the hands of the states and thus he wouldn't mess with Massachusetts's laws doesn't wash. As governor, he's the right person to help change state laws. To get elected, he took that off the table. He'll have to answer for that.

-Chris Wallace pursued the Mormonism questions thoroughly, based on concerns of evangelical Christians, asking about particular tenets of the Mormon faith: "I'm never going to get into a discussion about the beliefs of my church." Folks, that just isn't going to fly. Mormons won't be impressed, and other Christians won't be satisfied.

He appears to be more conservative than Bush. For that, I want to like him. But his inability to answer questions directly and openly is making that difficult.

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