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Times, Post Ignore Obama Tape of ‘Lies, Hate, Race’

By on 10.3.12 | 10:06AM

So the usual left-wing media game is on.

As this is written, neither the New York Times nor the the Washington Post has a single word about the bombshell tape of a 2007 Senator Barack Obama playing the race card at Hampton University. The story broken on Sean Hannity’s show last night by the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson.

There is neither word nor picture. Silencio.

The Post, to remind, is the paper that found front page material in Mitt Romney’s supposed high school antics.

Meanwhile, Mark Levin has directly addressed the tape issue here, saying: 

Simply put: This is an evil speech full of lies, hate, and racism. I have never seen a president lower himself to this point. Pure demagoguery. Rather than dismiss or downplay this speech, as the big media and some foolish Republicans would have us do, everyone should watch it. Obama is not fit, by temperament, psychology, or motive, to be leading this great nation. We have it within our power, this November, to change course with our votes.

Well said.


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