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NewsBusters: ABC’S Stephanopoulos Gave 8 of 9 Debate Wins to Democrats

By on 10.2.12 | 10:58AM

Next door you will find my column detailing how liberal media bias will affect the post-debate media spin tomorrow night. I cited the Media Research Center's collection of video clips to show how the game will work.

This morning the MRC's NewsBusters website has prepared a video look at ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos when covering presidential debates. Matt Drudge has linked on his site and the direct link to NewsBusters on this is here.

And lo and behold… there is the former Clinton aide-turned-anchorman covering 9 presidential debates over the years and… yes indeed -- calling 8 of the 9 for the Democrat, be it Gore, in 2000, Kerry in 2004 or Obama in 2008.

Take a particular look at the MRC video record on George and his debate coverage and you will see two things. First, the video compilation of George's past debate calls. Second, see how George is already at work setting up Romney by describing the Governor as under "huge, huge pressure."

This is exactly the point. These are not objective journalists. They are liberal activists in the media. And just as Stephanopoulos described George W. Bush (in 2000 and 2004) and John McCain in 2008 as debate losers, so too is this what to expect tomorrow night with the liberal media analysis of Romney.

Again, the media deck is stacked. The real question will be whether the American people will judge based on Romney's actual performance. As opposed to what liberal media activists like George Stephanopoulos say was his performance because they have a partisan act to grind.

Stay tuned.

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