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Herbert Lom, R.I.P.

By on 9.27.12 | 5:08PM

Character actor Herbert Lom has passed away of natural causes at the age of 95.

The Czech born Lom fled to Britain to escape Nazi occupation. He soon started a film career and was generally cast as the villain. Lom appeared in films such as the original version of The Ladykillers, Spartacus and El Cid. In 1953, Lom also starred as the King of Siam in the London version of The King & I.

But Lom is best known for his portrayal of the beleaguered Inspector Dreyfus in half a dozen Pink Panther films over a period of thirty years. Most of these films were, of course, with his Ladykillers co-star Peter Sellers who shot to international stardom as Inspector Clouseau.

I leave you with a scene from The Pink Panther Strikes Again in which Clouseau visits Dreyfus at a psychiatric hospital and proceeds to make things much, much worse.

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