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Obama Has Earned World’s Contempt

By on 9.13.12 | 2:51PM

At CFIF, I blast Obama's entire foreign policy, citing chapter and verse of its failures.

Here's a taste:

[N]obody should avoid saying that this week’s tragedies are symptomatic of the abject failure of Obama’s foreign policies not just in northern Africa but around the globe.

Under Obama’s reign of error, the United States’ most important and traditional alliances are frayed, our iffy relationships have not improved and our adversaries are no less adversarial. Worse, all three groups seem to respect us less, and those evil regimes that once feared us now seem to hold us nearly in contempt.

I did a ton of research almost exactly a year ago, for a forthcoming book, about the Iranian Revolution during the Carter years. This stiuation this week is so eerily similar to what happened then that it gives me the chills. This administration's feckless weakness abroad really is Carter Redux. Mitt Romney was right to begin again to make that case; it's time he follows up and deepens and broadens his critique, which is very well aimed.

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