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Obama Sends in the Marines — What Next?

By on 9.13.12 | 11:23AM

"Marines Deploy to Libya" shouted the headlines in this morning's "Tampa Daily Megaphone." Good thing I was sitting down (before my morning coffee and Cheerios) when I read this. I never thought our rookie president would ever send in the Marines for anything, other than perhaps to protect the rain forests or to guard a gay pride parade.

The story informs me we're talking about 50 Marines from an elite anti-terrorism unit assigned to guard U.S. diplomatic facilities there. No mention of rules of engagement, or of what this small band of hearty lads -- as brave, competent, steadfast, and patriotic as they are -- could do against a large, heavily armed attack from Islamo-nutters who dominate the waste of sand that is Libya.

The story also reports that two cruise missile-armed American destroyers have been stationed off the Libyan coast. Let's have a show of hands of those who can imagine a circumstance under which President Obama would give the order to launch.

That's what I thought. I can 't either. The crews of the destroyers are probably safe enough. But we need to pray for those Marines who are embarking on some very dangerous duty, and for the diplomats they must protect. 

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