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President Obama: Post Racial or Most Racial?

By on 9.13.12 | 9:41AM

Many Americans who voted for President Barack Obama did so with the expectation that he would lead the nation in the direction of racial reconciliation. How has he performed?

Jennifer Gratz, executive director of WordsMatter 2012, has released a new video that explores this question.

During his 2008 campaign, candidate Obama told Americans that we have a "tragic history" when it comes to race. At the same time, he said the country wanted to "move beyond these kinds of divisions," and that we were ready for something different.

The video entitled: "Obama: A Post Racial President?" takes a hard look at the record. Recall that before he was in command of the facts, Obama interjected himself and stirred tensions in the case involve the Cambridge Police Department in Massachusetts. Most recently, Vice President Joe Biden was called out for his "back in chains" comment during an appearance in Richmond.

Gratz became a national civil rights leader when she successfully challenged race preferences in admissions at the University of Michigan. She was the plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court case Gratz v. Bollinger. Writing for the majority, then Chief Justice William Rehnquist declared that the university's point system was unconstitutional.

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