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Mohammed Film Was Idiotic

By on 9.12.12 | 5:41PM

I watched about four minutes of the trailer of the film that jihadist nutcases are using as an excuse for their terrorism, and I must say that it is offensive, obscene, obnoxious ... and incredibly idiotic, inane, imbecilic -- and inconsequential. It is so absurd as to be laughable -- the laughter coming at the expense not of the Prophet, but of the film-makers, who have revealed themselves as talentless numbskulls. 

Here in America, we know how to deal with idiocy like this: We ignore it. Sometimes, if it actually has a smidgen of a chance of being taken seriously, we denounce it in passing and then move on.

It takes a village of morons, though, to take serious offense at something so inconsequential and absurd. If, by some chance, some of the Egyptian rioters (as opposed to the Al Qaeda-linked attackers who planned the Libyan murders) really and truly were motivated by anger at the so-called movie (which was more like an adolescent execrescence than a real movie), then they give evidence of their own utter lack of perspective and of their own juvenile natures for not being able, like adults, to shrug off such an absurdity. Worse, by rioting and acting destructively and violently, they show themselves to be uncivilized. If they wanted to defend Islam, they not only failed, but they did the opposite: They presented to the world an example of Islam as a savage and haywire religion. I am not saying that this is what Islam is -- but it sure is how the protesters presented it. If this is not what Islam is, then it is up to all good Muslims to speak up, denounce the rioters, and (in Islamic countries) to put into power those who will not put up with such evildoers.

Meanwhile, to all the rioters, a word to the unwise: Get a life.

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