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Romney Was Right

By on 9.12.12 | 3:52PM

Mitt Romney was right to blast the living bleep out of Barack Obama for the Cairo Embassy's apology to the crazed crowds in Egypt. The apology was perfectly in keeping with the entire tenor of this administration from Day One. 

Worse, reports are that even with the anniversary of 9/11 coming up, Obama had not attended his daily intelligence briefiing for the whole week leading up to the attacks.

Today, Obama criticized those who killed our personnel in Libya, but made no mention of the goons who scaled our embassy walls in egypt. Nor did he say a word in defense of free speech.

More later -- but for now, let's just let this be clear: Obama is a pathetic excuse for a president, and he has populated his administration with leftists who excuse and sometimes even defend terrorists while blaming America first. Disgusting.

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