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Top Ten Reasons Obama is Avoiding Netanyahu

By on 9.12.12 | 3:53PM

Since President Obama has a "scheduling conflict" where it concerns meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but has no such conflict when it comes taking time to refine his standup routine with David Letterman, I thought it would be only fitting that I should come out with a Top Ten List.

So without further adieu, here are the Top Ten Reasons President Obama is Avoiding Benjamin Netanyahu. Drum roll please:

10. Hillary Clinton isn't available to accompany him.

 9.  Joe Biden isn't available either.

 8. He thinks the Jews in Florida will vote for him anyway.

 7. He's too busy thinking up other events to which Bibi won't be invited.

 6. He needs to work on his golf game.

 5. He didn't want to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.

 4. He has a dinner date with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

 3. He needs to return to the White House to plan the latest battle of the War on Women.

 2. He's busy planning his open mic session with the new French President.

 1. He isn't intelligent enough to be in the same room with Benjamin Netanyahu.

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