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Alabamans Fight a Raid on Our Trust Fund

By on 9.12.12 | 3:32PM

This is of mostly regional interest, except insofar as national audiences like to keep track of which Republican governors are real conservatives and which aren't. In a sneak election, next Tuesday, Sept. 18, Alabama's noninally Republican governor, Robert Bentley, is asking state voters to approve a constitutional amendment raiding a key nest egg called the Alabama Trust Fund. It's a horrible idea. In two videos, I explain the whole thing. A full length explanation is here -- it takes 15 minutes -- and a shorter, 4-minute summary is here. For fun, there's also a 2-minute commercial, professionally done, of two senior citizens discussing the issue, here. To all Alabama readers, please please feel free to link to any of these and spread around as widely as you think worthy.

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