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Holder’s Hacks Overruled Career Lawyers to Sue S. Carolina on Voter ID

By on 9.12.12 | 10:55AM

Hugely important story from Christian Adams.

The South Carolina voter ID law was reviewed by civil rights analysts, a veteran attorney reviewer, the deputy chief in charge of Section 5 enforcement, and ultimately the section chief.  Extensive and detailed memos were prepared by career staff recommending that South Carolina voter ID be precleared.  There was a very small difference in voter ID possession between blacks and whites – only a 1.6% difference.  South Carolina made photo ID free and allowed anyone with a reasonable impediment in obtaining one to vote anyhow after completing an affidavit. Based on these facts, career staff recommended preclearance.

But according to DOJ staff familiar with subsequent events, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Matthew Colangelo then overruled the career staff and ordered that the Department of Justice object to South Carolina’s voter ID

I challenge the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the LA Times, the Associated Press, McClatchy, Reuters, and PBS all to report on this -- considering the (false) stories with which most of them went ape during the Bush years accusing Bush politicos of overruling career staff in order to approve a Georgia voter ID law.

UPDATE: The National Center for Public Policy Research has a great paper out today blasting the media for gross bias and factual errors in reporting on voter fraud and voter ID laws.

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