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Jerry Lawler Collapses During WWE Raw

By on 9.10.12 | 11:09PM

I was watching WWE RAW tonight (yes, I watch pro wrestling and I don't care who knows) when commentator Michael Cole made a stunning announcement. Cole informed a live TV audience that his broadcast colleague Jerry Lawler had collapsed at ringside while commenting during a match.

Medical personnel arrived on the scene and took Lawler backstage where he received CPR. He subsequently taken to a medical facility in Montreal. Lawler is apparently breathing on his own and is awaiting a CAT scan.

Earlier in the evening, Lawler had competed in a tag team match with Randy Orton against WWE Champion CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. Although Lawler is 62, he still occasionally competes in matches. 

Out of respect for Lawler, Cole has refrained from commenting on matches for the duration of the evening except to provide updates on Lawler's condition.

Here's hoping The King pulls through.

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