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Tony Two-Thirds Rules for God

By on 9.6.12 | 10:17AM

It was an amazing sight.

Democrats, under a fusillade of ridicule for ejecting God from their platform, decided to reconsider. In a parliamentary sense, this required amending the platform.

The amendment was proposed… and a vote called. The magic number required to accomplish this was two-thirds.

Here are the painful results.

The Convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,  called for the voice vote and…. hmmmm. No two/thirds of ayes or nays. He did it again. And finally, again.

So… with a glance at the teleprompter… the Mayor threw caution to the wind and did what he had apparently ordered by President Obama to do. Put God back in.

Thus a clearly divided convention  -- not to mention the watching national audience on TV -- was preposterously told that "in the opinion of the chair" there was a two-thirds majority for God.

Clearly, this was an obvious untruth. Among other things, this small but very telling episode confirms just how far left the modern Democrats have become. Having one reference to God in a platform clearly couldn't muster the necessary votes. Yow!

But forever after, it's fair to say that whenever the Mayor steps into the national limelight, he will be known at least in this space as "Tony Two-Thirds."

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