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Welfare, Welfare, Welfare

By on 9.4.12 | 12:25PM

This panel led by the loony-left Melissa Harris-Perry is a travesty. Utterly dishonest, race-baiting claptrap -- so much so that one hardly knows where to start in blasting it. She uses 20-year-old data, itself problematic, to pound home the idea that every time Republicans or conservatives say "welfare," we really mean to stigmatize black people. (Note that one of the most left-wing panelists, claiming that voter-ID movements are actually anti-democratic, is Bob Franken, who once pretended to be a fair-minded journalist/anchor at CNN. Is there ever going to be a supposedly neutral journalist who comes out as a right winger? I doubt it.)

Anyway, as a founding board member of the Louisiana Coalition Against Racism and Nazism, let me just say: "Welfare, welfare, welfare, welfare, Chicago, welfare, golf, welfare, food stamps, welfare, angry, welfare, arrogant, welfare, welfare, welfare, welfare."

There: That should do it. I'll just note in passing that I also referred to GW Bush's administration as "arrogant and insular," and that I have blasted John McCain for so often being angry. But, aside from that, welfare, welfare, welfare. Oh, and Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka, Brian Urlacher: Chicago. Oh, and welfare. welfare, welfare.

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