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Why Eastwood Helped Romney

By on 9.1.12 | 2:04AM

While some Republicans may have been bewildered by Clint Eastwood's address at the RNC, I think they should be happy about things.

First, despite the unorthodox delivery, most of the delegates liked what they heard and were laughing and applauding with him.

Second, the liberal media isn't complaining aboout Mitt Romney being an extremist. Instead they're getting "misty" over Clint. After Eastwood played the crazy but funny uncle, Romney came across as a downright normal guy who wants "to help you and your family" instead of lowering the rising tides of the ocean.

Third, ditto about President Obama. Instead of tweeting about Romney, he's tweeting about Eastwood. Again, Eastwood makes Romney look normal and reasonable, not someone who would willingly let the spouse of a former employee die of cancer.

Should Romney win in November, Republicans will remember Eastwood's speech with good cheer.

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