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Convention Wrap-Up

By on 8.31.12 | 12:07PM

I don't have time to explain or defend these ratings below, for which I apologize (and which also means I will probably get skewered by readers, especially those who disagree), but....


* Two of the personal testimonials about Romney's decency, from the couple whose 14 year-old son died and from the woman whose prematurely born daughter lived to 26 years old before dying.

* Sen. Rand Paul's speech

* Artur Davis's speech

* Condi Rice's speech

* Most of Paul Ryan's speech (although there were some holes -- still not enough Kemp-like growth emphasis, among them)

* Susana Martinez's speech

What worked rather well:

* Ann Romney's speech

* Rick Santorum's speech (even though the "hands" metaphor was overextended)

* About five of Clint Eastwood's lines which were TV-ad worthy, even if his overal presentation was a bit odd

* Mike Eruzione's remarks

* Mike Huckabee's speech

* Luis Fortuno's speech

* John McCain's speech in total effect, even if it wasn't perfectly delivered

* Scott Walker's speech

* Nikki Haley's speech

* Chris Christie's speech

* John Kasich's speech

* a couple of the other personal testimonials to Romney's kindness or competence

What worked just enough and did at least some good, but were nowhere near a home run:

* Mitt Romney's acceptance speech

* Marco Rubio's speech

* Jeb Bush's speech

While I saw MOST of the proceedings, I did not see ALL of them. Out of an abundance of kindness, I will not list which ones I missed vs. which ones I thought bombed; that way, anybody not listed above can assume I just missed them, because I thought only two or three bombed. No need to insult people who tried hard but didn't deliver; nobody bombed in a way that was obnoxious or discreditable; the bombs were just in the sense of a failure ever to achieve liftoff.

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