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Hurricane Musings

By on 8.30.12 | 3:40PM

For the University of Mobile, I discuss the role hurricanes play in our lives here on the Gulf Coast.

A taste:

Now there are some misguided souls who see these hurricanes as God’s retribution for some real or imagined sin. (“Unfair sh**: GOP spared by Issac! [sic],” Tweeted liberal actor Samuel L. Jackson. “Not understanding God’s plan!”) Yet that’s certainly not how I understand the ways of the Almighty. God’s work in the world, through the ministries of the Holy Spirit, comes not in afflicting us with troubles, but rather in giving us the grace to respond with love and energy to whatever difficulties may arise.

    Sometimes, leaders emerge from these trials.....

As I write, it remains overcast in Mobile, but I think the rains have FINALLY ended. I think it rained for almost 36 hours straight.....

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