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Calling Dick Cheney, Mike and Nancy Reagan: Join Romney on Akin

By on 8.21.12 | 11:33AM

My friend Quin Hillyer has an excellent post on Mike Huckabee and Akin below. Among other things, Quin says: "This is no time for niceties. This is a time for hardball. No matter what Akin meant to say, what he said is so ignorant and offensive as to be disqualifying. A moral leader, as Huckabee aspires to be, would see that, and use his considerable weight accordingly."

But while Huckabee dithers, Quin has come up with another idea on getting Todd Akin out of the Senate race. He touched on it in a post yesterday.

So let's get it out there on the table:

While Mitt Romney is now the titular leader of the GOP as its soon-to-be nominee, within GOP circles there are three people with a very unique standing: Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, and Michael Reagan. In yesterday's post Quin also mentioned the two former Presidents Bush and Bob and Elizabeth Dole.

Romney has stepped up to the plate on Todd Akin. While several of these people might put out forceful public statements, there's one person on this list who could pick up the phone and have the kind of private chat that use to scare the hell out of liberals and al Qaeda.

Quin actually used a phrase that involved words like "chew" and "a....".

I'd write out that second word, however this is a family publication. But you can say all kinds of things in a private chat. And Dick Cheney knows how to do just that. He has quite effectively chewed many posteriors in his time. And Akin's just begs to be chewed.

Also… kudos to Senator John Cornyn for threatening to withold Akin's funding from the NRSC. Good for him. No more mother's milk.

The clock ticks.

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