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Huckabee Endorsed Akin: Will He Ask Him to Quit?

By on 8.21.12 | 10:36AM

Last night Missouri's now-controversial Senate candidate Todd Akin went on the Mike Huckabee show. He said he wasn't a "quitter" -- which is to say Akin insisted he would stay in the race.

Now take a look at this clip over on YouTube:

That would be none other than Governor Huckabee endorsing Todd Akin in his tight Senate primary.

Until yesterday everyone was rallying to Akin as the flag bearer in the fight to unseat Claire McCaskill.

Now… everyone from literally Mitt Romney on down in the conservative world is pleading with Akin to self-immolate somewhere else, let the Missouri GOP replace him pronto -- and get on with the task of defeating McCaskill.

The question now is: where is Mike Huckabee? He gave his endorsement to Akin… and now we have a problem and a big one.

One would hope that the Governor would quickly step up to the plate and ask Akin to withdraw before 5 p.m.

We will see.

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