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Akin Poll: NRO’s Geraghty Exposes Numbers Game

By on 8.21.12 | 9:41AM

Our friend Jim Geraghty over at NRO has put on the green eye shades this morning to take a look at the poll numbers in the Todd Akin Senate race.

Over at HuffPo and AOL they are hyping a poll purporting to show that even after Akin's rape comments he's doing just dandy in the polls -- tied with McCaskill.


Jim took a look and discovered that the number of GOP's versus Dems was...9 points!  Which is to say, the suspicion is that the poll is deliberately weighted to produce a pro-Akin that Akin will stay in the race. Jim also sweetly points out that Public Policy Polling is a Democrat-leaning polling outfit and asks:

"Anyone suspect that the Democrat polling firm might be trying to get the result they want, to ensure Akin stays in, so that he can get pummeled in November?"

The column of the day award goes to Brother Geraghty. 

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