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Mark Levin: The Hypocrisy of the Democrats on Rape

By on 8.20.12 | 6:36PM

Mark Levin has ripped Democrats over Akin.

Citing the accusations of rape against Bill Clinton by campaign worker Juanita Broaddrick, along with the accusations of being groped in the Oval Office made by Kathleen Willey, and adding in Ted Kennedy's behavior at Chappaquiddick, Levin ripped into the idea that Democrats have some sort of high-flying position that enables them to criticize Akin. Pointing to the relentless defense of Clinton's behavior made by liberals, Levin noted: "We don't need any lectures from you on women's rights."

That said, Levin zeroed in on the core problem. We must win the Senate, we must defeat McCaskill, Levin said in his usual shy and retiring fashion. It's a "mistake" for Akin to stay in this race.

"If I had my druthers he would get out," he said.

But Levin left no doubt of the focus for conservatives in Missouri and elsewhere whatever Akin does: the Senate is the goal, the White House is the goal.

And those goals remain whatever happens to Todd Akin.

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