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Hannity to TAS: Akin Should Bow Out

By on 8.20.12 | 6:10PM

In an exclusive to The American Spectator, Sean Hannity has now called for Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race.

Earlier this afternoon Hannity interviewed Akin, politely prodding Akin about the problems the Senate candidate will surely face over the next 79 days in the wake of his controversial rape remarks.

Now, interview over, Hannity has told TAS that he does indeed believe Akin should withdraw from the race.

This is big news.

The tide is quickly rising, and, to borrow from LBJ and his problem with Walter Cronkite on Vietnam, if Mr. Akin has lost Sean Hannity he's losing conservatives.

Missouri is a key state -- both for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and for GOP control of the Senate.

Akin's controversy is a reminder that with 79 days to go there is a belief in conservative circles that there is no margin for error -- not to mention a self-inflicted wound of this type.

Stand by for the next 24 hours as this drama unfolds.

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