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Akin Should Withdraw: Hannity Does the Right Thing

By on 8.20.12 | 4:43PM

Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin has amazingly gotten himself in the middle of a controversy that is totally unnecessary. In an interview in Missouri Akin, a decided conservative -that's good- allowed himself to get segued into musings on rape.

Not good.

The uproar now threatens the vital race against the quite vulnerable liberal Senator Claire McCaskill. Not to mention causing ripples in the presidential race for Romney and Ryan every time they step foot in Missouri to campaign for a thoroughly winnable state.

Mr. Akin sounds like a very nice man. But his appearance on Sean Hannity's radio show a few minutes ago was almost painful to listen to. Hannity was 100% correct to gently point out to Akin that the political environment is such that he will never be able to discuss the issues with McCaskill. Akin's thoughts on rape, regardless of whether he apologizes hourly until November, guarantees the focus will be removed from McCaskill's devotion to all things Obama. Bluntly put, Akin will be a drag -- an avoidable drag -- on the ticket.

Apparently Akin has until 5pm tomorrow to remove himself and give the Missouri GOP a chance to replace him.

The Missouri primary was contentious, and one understands all the fine lines of internal controversy.

But Akin has set himself up. And this kind of thing can in fact threaten the GOP control of the Senate, removing Harry Reid -- not to mention creating needless complications for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Hannity gently prodded Akin to do the right thing, and he was right to do so.

This is no time for distractions.

Mr. Akin should change his mind and allow the Missouri GOP to replace him. Pronto.

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