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Not Just Hurt, But Akin, From Self-Inflicted Wound

By on 8.20.12 | 12:33PM

Todd Akin's statement on rape, etcetera, are wrong on at least three fronts at once -- and so wrong as to be politically disqualifying. Rather than belabor the points about why they are so wrong, let's just cut to the chase: Akin needs to get the bleep out of the race. Now. 

Look, everybody makes mistakes. His statement doesn't make Akin a bad man. It makes him an incredibly ignorant one. Ignorant, and horribly insensitive. While ignorance and insensitivity are, in the long run, fixable, they are not acceptably, especially on such a sensitive topic, for somebody currently running for high office.

Akin should step aside and let the Missouri Republican Party replace him on the ballot.

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