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Artur Davis to Speak at GOP Convention

By on 8.16.12 | 1:16PM

As I read Quin's praise of Artur Davis' scathing criticism of President Obama at NRO, I had this thought. Why doesn't the GOP invite Davis to speak at their convention?

Well, lo and behold, Davis will be going to Tampa Bay to speak at the Republican Convention.


When you consider the concerted effort the Obama Administration and its supporters have made to accuse their opponents of being motivated by racial hatred, this invitation gives Republicans an opportunity to offer a stinging rebuke to such demagoguery.

Davis' presence at the podium sends the message that one doesn't have to support President Obama merely because of his skin color. It also sends the message that it is not only acceptable to criticize President Obama but that it is our patriotic duty to do so.

Four years ago, Davis seconded Barack Obama's nomination. That Davis is now due to speak at the GOP Convention will demonstrate both the folly of Obama's policies and the extent to which his performance has alienated even people who once strongly supported him.

Artur Davis could be to the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa what the late Jeanne Kirkpatrick was to the 1984 GOP Convention in San Francisco and what Zell Miller was to the 2004 GOP Convention in New York.

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