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Reaction to the Family Research Council shooting

By on 8.15.12 | 4:37PM

We don't fully know the shooters' motivations yet — although we have a pretty good guess — but the tragic act of violence at the pro-life, pro-marriage Family Research Council today again reminded me of the civility divide on social issues like marriage.

Thankfully, violence of this nature is rare and isolated, but the rhetorical violence from the Left on social issues is disturbing. As someone who recently covered the debate over a state-level marriage amendment in North Carolina, I can say unequivocally that foes of the amendment (and supporters of same-sex "marriage") rarely engaged in civil discourse and almost always punctuated their arguments with four letter word and scalding personal attacks. Supporters of the amendment, on the other hand, were almost always civil and reasonable in their arguments.

The Left believes that vicious, hateful language is justified given the righteouness of their cause. Their abusive rhetoric raises the question: Which side is truly practicing love and tolerance in this debate?

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