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Shooting at Family Research Council Offices

By on 8.15.12 | 12:01PM

There has been a shooting at the Washington, D.C. offices of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian organization run by Tony Perkins.

The FRC put out a short note on its web site after a security guard there was shot; early reports are that the guard is OK and that the shooter has been arrested.

Fox News reported that the shooter made comments opposing FRC's positions on certain issues.

It will be interesting to see whether any of the major liberal media outlets give this prominent coverage. After all, in most recent shooting incidents there has been immediate anti-conservative, anti-Republican finger-pointing by Democrats and their media parrots, but there has been zero evidence to support those charges. The Arizona shooting was the worst example, with the shooter not only insane but seemingly leaning left politically rather than right.

Today's shooting, in which thankfully it seems nobody was killed, is the first I can think of in recent memory where the political (or at least pollicy) motive is apparent -- and where the motivation is against conservatives.

UPDATE at 12:43 PM EDT: Fox reporting: Guard was shot in the arm. Shooter reportedly 28-year old man from Virginia who posed as an intern. Shooter may have been shouting something about FRC's politics. Law enforcement searching area for other weapons in case shooter came with more than one.

According to Washington Post, the guard (apparently after being shot in the arm) along with other FRC personnel wrestled the shooter to the ground. So far no mention from Washington Post about shooter shouting anything political. No mention of that in ABC News or report either. Fox will have egg on their face if that aspect turns out not to be true. If I had to bet, I'd bet it is true and that the other liberal outlets are doing editing gymnastics to avoid talking about it. But I wouldn't yet bet much. Story still developing, so let's see what happens.

Update, 2 PM EDT:

From Fox News: According to authorities, shooter made statements about FRC's conservative policies, then shooting. Security guard "was a hero...went above and beyond..." Incident appears to be classified as domestic terrorism, which suggests FBI believes the motive was political. Fox News reporter also suggested that maybe statements about FRC policies were made after shooter was wrestled to the ground (though whether it was before or after is irrelevant.) is quoting Fox News regarding statements by shooter. Updated Washington Post article still does not mention that aspect of story, and niether does CNN story.

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