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Hello, I Must Be Going

By on 8.14.12 | 9:27AM

After five and a half fun years at The American Spectator, I am moving on to a new role with the Daily Caller News Foundation. Since I've been at the Spectator I've seen the Republicans lose and then regain the House. It remains to be seen if that same trend holds for the White House.

It's been a great run and I've had an amazing degree of freedom to write about and cover the things that interest me. Hopefully, those things have occasionally interested you. Bob and Wlady have given me a tremendous amount of encouragement and support. The Spectator not only features a number of writers I'm pleased to be associated with, but has a terrific staff of people whose hard work behind the scenes makes everything we do possible. I'll miss them all.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for reading and commenting. I've entered the comments sections to answer questions and engage in debates. The back-and-forth is important, otherwise writers are just talking to themselves. I'll still be popping up here from time to time, as I can't be on the sidelines during an election season, but goodbye for now.

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