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Randing Ryan

By on 8.13.12 | 5:28PM

I find it interesting how The Washington Post, NPR, Newsday, Slate and The Los Angeles Times amongst others are falling all over each other to scrutinize the influence Ayn Rand had on the intellectual development of Paul Ryan.

I am not saying these outlets shouldn't do so. But it would be nice if they had devoted the same energy to scrutinizing President Obama's intellectual development vis a vis Saul Alinsky and the very much alive Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Rashid Khalidi. Alas, such scrutiny into Obama's intellectual development is viewed as rude and racist. Besides these outlets reserve their branding for Republicans. Or in this case you could call it Randing.

BTW, The Los Angeles Times still has the videotape of Obama's 2003 appearance at the Khalidi tribute under lock and key having deemed it unfit for public viewing.

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