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The Week in Arts and Letters: Authentic Art, Robert Hughes, Picnics, and Occupy!

By on 8.13.12 | 11:31AM

Is art better than gold? Or is it fool's gold?  

We're all lying Cretans. Robert Hughes, on the other hand, was brutally honest about himself and others: "The unexamined life, said Socrates, is not worth living. The memoirs of Julian Schnabel, such as they are, remind one that the converse is also true. The unlived life is not worth examining."

Ulysses is a tweet, says that grand master of nuance Paulo Coehlo.

Roger Kimball, saving art in a time of ruin.

The great Sonny Rollins.

The pleasure of picnics.

The play acting continues, though without the tents and the pizza: Occupy! 

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