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Ryan Will Run for Reelection to House Seat

By on 8.11.12 | 1:35PM

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Paul Ryan will also run for reelection to his House seat:

Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-Wisc.), tapped Saturday to be Mitt Romney's running mate, will also stay on the Wisconsin ballot as a House candidate. Wisconsin rules allow Ryan, a seven-term House member from Janesville, to be on the ballot twice.

This allays one of my major concerns about putting Ryan on the ticket: that if Romney loses, Ryan will be out of the House, where he has carved out a major role for himself on fiscal policy. This move means that Ryan could return to the House if President Obama won a second term. If the Romney-Ryan ticket prevails, a special election will be held to fill Ryan's seat.

Lloyd Bentsen ran for reelection to the U.S. Senate while serving as Michael Dukakis' running mate in 1988. Joe Lieberman did the same thing when he ran with Al Gore in 2000. Both Democrats were reelected to the Senate when the voters frustrated their vice presidential ambitions.

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